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                                                                                            Baoding Jinke HuiElectronics Co., Ltd.located in baoding city hi-tech development zone, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in electric power system testing instruments equipment research and development, production, sales.

                                                                                            Thecompany has strong technical force,research and development of a series of power system testing equipment. Advanced production, experiment, testing equipment,
                                                                                            a sound management system, the force in creating a high-quality professional technical and management team.


                                                                                          1. Electric power

                                                                                          2. Water conservancy

                                                                                          3. Oil

                                                                                          4. Railway

                                                                                          5. PRODUCT CENTER

                                                                                            Adequate supply and variety

                                                                                            Oil analysis testing equipment SF6 gas detection equipment High voltage test transformer console High voltage test equipment


                                                                                            Adequate supply and variety

                                                                                            Insulation boots (gloves) pressure test device

                                                                                            Insulating boots and gloves pressure test device, protective tool insulation test bench, insulating boots and gloves pressure tester, auxiliary insulating tools test device, insulating boots and glove...

                                                                                            17/5000 What are the measurement methods of DC resistance t...

                                                                                            Dc resistance tester is the use of 320*240 color TFT display screen, DC resistance tester 0.05% of the basic accuracy, can be used for coil, inductance, transformer, voice coil, conductive film (cloth...

                                                                                            • Dc resistance tester troubleshooting met...

                                                                                              Dc resistance tester is often used in power work, this instrument is the ideal equipment for dc resistance of lateral transformer winding and high-power inductor equipment. Some fa...

                                                                                            • Power electronic system fault diagnosis ...

                                                                                              The actual operation of power electronic circuit shows that most of the faults are damage of power switching devices, among which open circuit and straight circuit are common. The ...

                                                                                            Integrity, pragmatism, innovation and progress

                                                                                            Specialized in intelligent, digital, automated electronic test instruments,
                                                                                            equipment research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises

                                                                                            Baoding Jinke Hui Electronic Co. Ltd.




                                                                                            Address:China, baoding high-tech zone, road no. 123 of hua wei control mechanical and electrical industrial park 1-401

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